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Solgen Power has provide outstanding customer service since opening in 2017. We strive to build a better future for our people and we do that proving excellent product and service while building a culture of winners. See through our list of happy customers and listen to their story to see why choosing to go solar changed their life for the better.

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Real Solar Panel Installation Stories

Solar installation testimonial-Roberto-Maldonado
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Roberto Maldonado

Robert Maldonado was scrolling through social media and contacted them and got a call back quickly from Solgen Power. Solgen was able to come over to his home and help Roberto through the process.

Carl Strathmann installed solar panels on his home and loved it.
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Carl Strathmann

After a lot of research on finding better energy methods and lowering their carbon footprint, Carl Strathmann found Solgen Power and used their no cost solar program to obtain solar panels. 

Kristen Rex leaned about solar panels and decided to get his solar installed on her home.
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Kristen Rex

Arizona homeowner Kristen Rex, was researching multiple solar power companies and like that Solgen Power was already partner with Kristen energy company and their no cost solar program.

Solgen Power Customer provides feedback on his solar panel installation
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Doug Lindberg

When Doug Lindberg heard about the no cost solar program that Solgen Power provides was a little skeptical at first but ended finding out the it was all too true.

Jim got his solar installed a couple months ago and has seen the benefits from it
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Jim Crook

Jim Crook, homeowner from Ohio, wanting to find a way that they can cut the cost of living and saw the help that Solgen Power can provide for them. Jim Crook believe the incentives were worth it.

Customer leads the way with solar in his neighborhood
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Larry Campbell

Larry was super excited to go solar and invited the neighborhood to and come see the vision come to life. Larry was excited about being to saving energy, value of the home, and becoming owners of their energy

Linda Wilson got solar installed by Solgen Power
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Linda Wilson

Linda, an Ohio native, wanted to invest in the future and wanted to switch to green energy. The no cost solar program really grabbed her attention and decided that it was the best decision she can make.

Olaf got solar and was blown away by the benefits he received.
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Olaf Isele

Olaf Isele was thinking about going solar for a couple years but felt the time was right to take advantage of the government incentives and they wanted to set a good example for the neighborhood.

Rose Smith describes her experience with Solgen Power and getting solar panels installed on their home
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Rose Smith

Rose had met Solgen power at a convention center before she decided to go solar and she talk to  Solgen Power to see how she can save every month on her solar installation.

Solar Panel customer talks about her experience with Solgen Power
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Deb Silva

Deb Silva got a visit from one of her students that talked about the no cost solar program. When Deb heard that, she contacted Solgen Power and they informed her with everything to make the switch.

Sean Duecy, a solgen power customer talks about why he went solar and got panels installed on his home
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Sean Duecy

Sean Duecy wanted to create a neutral carbon foot print and saw that he can pay less for the panels the the cost of his current energy battle.

Ricky Lewin was so excited for going solar and wanted to let the world know about why they should also go solar.
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Ricky Lewin

Ricky heard of Solgen Power through his cousin and was very interested in the idea on owning your own green energy. The customer service Solgen provides was the main reason Ricky Chose Solgen Power.


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Solgen Power is a solar energy equipment company that sells and installs solar for homeowners. Solgen Power has been recognized by INC. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Solgen Power has grown nationwide and continues to provide excellent customer service to homeowners.


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