Snow On Your Solar Panels?

May 3, 2022

You’re walking down the neighborhood and you see one of your neighbors’ solar roofs is covered with an inch of snow, and you think to yourself, how can this person actually benefit from their solar panels? Isn’t the snow going to mess up the components of a solar energy system? In these cold icy times, snow and ice tend to cover roofs completely, this includes solar roofs but there is nothing to worry about. Solar panels are just an extension of the roof and provide the same amount of durability. The solar panel system is also tested for heavy winds and heavy snow fall. 


Is Snow Bad On Your Panel?

These solar energy systems are made to handle harsh environments and weather doesn’t affect the system like you would think. Snow on your panel won’t do any physical harm.

Solar installation in Ohio by solgen power

Snow on your panel won’t do any physical harm. The systems are well built to handle snow and the weight of the snow. Perfect installation will ensure that nothing happens when the weather gets bad to your panels or your roof. Most solar energy systems offer a warranty for your peace of mind in that way something does happen, it will be covered. Snow should not be a worry for people with solar energy systems on their roofs. The worst thing that will happen from snow on your panels is that the amount of energy you can extract from the rays of light will lessen.


Should You Clean It?

You won’t be able to make as much energy therefore your monthly savings won’t be as much as when your roof is completely exposed. Cleaning roofs with snow and ice is not recommended as you might damage something or get very hurt in the process. There are companies that will clean your solar roof if you need it done, just leave it to a professional.  


 The answer is no, you should not clean your roof in bad conditions unless done by a professional. 



The thing is, if there is a thin amount of snow, you are still getting sunlight to those panels. Sunlight can actually make it through about 3 feet of snow, anything less, and you should still be able to get solar energy into your home, although the amount of energy. With a lot of snow, light tends to bounce off but some lights rays manage to make it through.  


You shouldn’t get worried if it starts to snow with everything you know now.  Your panels are fine in extreme conditions. Even on snowiest days, the sun still shines and the snow won’t last forever, it will go away and allow your system to fully reap the benefits of what it was intended to do, save you money! 

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