How Do Solar Panels Work?

May 3, 2022

Solar has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world now but most of the technology they use hasn’t changed much. Solar energy systems use panels usually made out of silicon which is a semi-conductor to help generate electricity by using photons to knock of an atom. The movement of electrons generates a direct current and becomes an alternating current by using an inverter. This helps with being able to create green energy that goes back into the electrical grid.  


This process of electricity being converted from sunlight is called photovoltaic. This process was first discovered by French physicist, Edmond Becquerel in 1839.  

Solar Panel Installer adding in the inverter

Solar installation in Ohio by solgen power

He saw you might be able to harness green energy from the sun to create electricity and the rest is history. Eventually, his idea would be expanded into commercial sales and help provide the public with affordable solar energy systems.  


Eventually you would have inventors take a stab at the idea and create their own technology for harnessing energy. Charles Fritts, an inventor, created the world’s first solar cell. Although the cell wasn’t producing as much energy as they do now, it helped pave the way for the growth of photovoltaic technology. Technology eventually became what it is today, A solar panel alone isn’t enough to power a home but a solar energy system as a whole, can power up your home throughout the day with constant electricity.  

Solar Panels collectively work together to collect green energy, depending on the type of power plan you signed up, will get you a targeted amount of green energy. Perfect conditions like having a sunny day will help produce more energy than a cloudy day. The amount of sunlight that reaches a panel will determine how much sunlight was converted to green energy. A power plan you create with your solar company will help you achieve the results you want to see. If you make excess energy, net metering will track the green energy that was sent back to the grid where utility companies can credit you for the energy you created. If you get a cloudy day that isn’t using producing as much power, you can use those credits to cover for limited loss of power.  


a close up of a solar panel installation

Up close look at a solar panel.

As time goes on, technology always prevails in finding new and better ways to make things work. The technology in solar panels and how they work will change because it was meant to change. We are meant to figure out better ways we can change light energy to electrical green energy so that one day we can put an end to harmful methods of producing electrical energy. 

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