5 Benefits Of Going Solar

May 3, 2022

Solar energy isn’t a new concept, it actually can be traced all the way to the year 1839. The thing is, it wasn’t commercialized till about 1958. As oil shortages were happening around the world and solar was blooming. The shortage helped boost solar technology which helped make it readily available to the public. As more and more people started to use it, more people started to see the great benefits it would provide. Not only did people take notice but the government helped push solar but giving out a tax incentive for switching to a green energy source. 



One of the biggest benefits people like going solar is due to the big fact that they get to save money every single month. It does that by converting solar energy into usable electricity and then dispersing it throughout our homes power grid.


Washington State resident showing off her new solar panel installation.

Finances are a major topic in the lives of everyday people. For some, it is the most important thing. That is one of the main reasons solar works, it helps save a great deal on your utility bill which helps become less stressful when thinking about finances. You then use that energy instead of the city’s power, which helps bring down your utility bill or even completely get rid of it. The money you save every month adds up, eventually making it one of the greatest investments. 

Good For The Environment

Finance is probably the main reason why you chose to go solar but the environment will benefit greatly from it. As more people start to switch to solar, the environment will continue to go towards the right path.  The more we use cleaner and greener energy resources like solar, the less we have to depend on harmful energy companies like coal. This time for a change has come. Inhabitants of the planet do not deserve to live in a world polluted by humans. We made the mess; we should pick up after ourselves. What solar provides is a green option to get your energy and one of the best alternatives for energy consumption. 


Simple Process

Getting solar might seem like a big task but it might be one of the easiest things you can do. It all starts with an initial quote that will analyze your power structure in your home to best provide power plan for you. All you do is let the solar company handle it all for you. It is a hassle-free, easy process to figure out exactly what you need to start saving. A lot of solar companies offer a no cost solar program which means that there is no payment made until after the system is installed, they do that in that way they can just replace your utility bill with your solar bill. This is a good way to get your feet in on the process of becoming solar. This really helps customers who want solar but don’t have sufficient funds to make a complete purchase. 

No Maintenance

A great thing about getting a solar energy system installed is that you do not have to do anything else. The system runs on its own and provides power to your home. All you have to do is kick back, grab a drink and watch tv with the energy you are harvesting. If for any reason you need something inspected, your solar company will be happy to look at it for you.  The solar energy solar system is built with a lot of high-quality components that were meant to handle perfectly fine with extreme weather conditions. Even when experiencing bad weather, you won’t need to have your solar looked at.  



Having a solar energy system is like having your own power grid but this one is connected to a bigger grid, the city’s grid. After getting solar, you become the owner of your energy source and can use your green energy in any way you want.

Solar energy customer excited with their pv solar energy system

Solgen Power customers were happy to get solar installed.

Now you get to use green energy provided by yourself and the solar energy system you installed. That means you will not have to depend on the city to provide your home with green energy, you now also depend on your own source of power. Owning your energy does provide you with owning a big part of a living expense. Most homeowners would agree that living cost has been skyrocketing and anything you can do to minimize it is very beneficial. 



Getting solar over the years has helped provide the program will more and better incentives. As those incentives get better, so does the technology and the amount of green energy you are able to benefit from. You get really great benefits at the moment from going solar like financial benefits, environmental benefits, ownership, no maintenance, and it gives you ownership. There has never been a better time to go solar than now since benefits will go down when more and more people move over to solar. Solar has already helped thousands of homeowners benefit a large sum of money over the last couple years.

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